Jerry Greene





Rules of Conduct

and Handbook


























Revised April 2009




Table of Contents



1.0         Introduction

2.0         Admissions/Orientation

3.0         Property

4.0         Prisoner Rules and Sanctions

4.0         Prohibited Acts: Minor Rule Violations

5.0         Prohibited Acts: Major Rule Violations

6.0         Prohibited Acts: Serious Rule Violations

7.0         Minor Rule Sanctions

8.0         Major Rule Sanctions

9.0 Serious Rule Sanctions

10.0 Fundamental Rights

11.0         Telephones

12.0         Emergencies

13.0         Medical and Dental Services

14.0         Prisoner Request and Complaint Forms

15.0         Prisoner Visiting

16.0         Food Services

17.0         Commissary

18.0         Mail

19.0         Prisoner Programming and Recreation

20.0 Work Assignments

21.0         Library Services

22.0         Television

23.0 Sleeping Hours

24.0 Hygiene Care

25.0 Laundry Service

26.0         Religious Services

27.0         Education, Legal, and Counseling Services


1.0          Introduction:


You have been committed into the Mahoning County Justice Center in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio.  The Sheriff and his staff have no legal authority to release you without proper order from the court.  The Sheriff and his staff are responsible for the daily operation of the jail and responsible to provide a safe and secure environment for those confined within the facility.  The Sheriff and his staff will strive to act fairly and humanely, in accordance with the law.


It is important that you read and understand this handbook.  If you indicate, at the time of booking, that you do not understand the contents of this handbook, the contents of this handbook will be read and explained to you.  Specific questions may be directed to any of the staff.  You have a responsibility to follow these rules and regulations and to act in a proper manner.  You must obey any instructions or orders given to you by jail staff.


Failure to follow these Rules and Regulations may result in disciplinary sanctions against you.


2.0          Admissions/Orientation:


Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 2929.38, if you have pled guilty to or have been convicted of the offense you are incarcerated on, you may be subject to certain fees.


The process known, as Admission or "Booking" will be done upon your arrival to the Mahoning County Justice Center.  This process will consist of a series of procedures that must be accomplished in order to maintain a safe and secure facility.   The Booking procedure will consist of:


2.1           Searching you and removing all valuable property and contraband items


2.2           Recording of personal information for our records


2.3           Fingerprinting and photographing


2.4           Showering and changing into our jail uniform and the issuance of jail property


2.5           A preliminary medical screening to determine your physical and mental well being.


2.6           Allowing you to make necessary phone calls in order for you to secure bail and release


2.7           Classification into an assigned housing unit


It is important that you answer all questions asked of you, as it may bring to our attention a special need or circumstance that may affect your future well-being.  The "Booking" process is standard for all persons no matter what their charge or how long they will be confined to the Justice Center.  The process will be completed as soon as possible, and it must be completed before you can be released.


3.0          Property:


If you are not going to be immediately released, you will be required to relinquish all of your personal property. Your property will be securely locked in the Property Room and will be returned to you when you are released.  Your money will be deposited in your own prisoner account, which can be used to purchase commissary items.  When you are released, the balance of your account will be returned to you.  Jewelry, watches, and other valuables will be locked in the jail safe.  If you are wearing white socks, white T-Shirt and white underwear, you may keep these items only.  We will not accept any new property without a court order.





All of your property will be inventoried and recorded on a receipt.  You will be required to sign the receipt acknowledging that your property has been relinquished by you to the custody and care of the Sheriff’s Department.


When you enter the housing unit that you will be staying in, the type and amount of property, which you can have in your possession, will be restricted.  The following items will be issued to you by the Justice Center:


3.1           One (1)-jail uniform


3.2           One (1) blanket


3.3           One (1) towel


3.4           One (1) pair of slip-on shoes


3.5           Two (2) sheets


3.6           One (1) Pillow case


3.7 One Hygiene Kit (soap, toothbrush, tooth paste)


3.8 Toilet paper and feminine hygiene items will issued in your housing unit.


3.9 Mattress


3.10 Indigent underwear will be made available upon request.


You will be responsible for the above items.  Any abuse or willful destruction of the above property may result in criminal and/or civil actions against you.  In addition to the above property, you will be allowed to keep in your cell:


3.9           Up to three (3) pairs of all white socks


3.10         Up to three (3) all white T-shirts


3.11         Up to three (3) pairs of all white underwear


3.12         Soft back Bible or other religious materials


3.13         Up to three (3) soft back books


3.14         A reasonable amount of personal mail


3.15         Items purchased through Commissary


3.16         Legal materials in relation to your case


Any items that are in your possession that is not previously mentioned or is in an amount in excess of prescribed limits will be considered contraband and will be disposed of.  In addition to the loss of the item, you may face disciplinary sanctions against you.


At no time shall you have in your cell, any Food Service property unless you are confined to your cell for disciplinary or medical reasons.  Cleaning supplies shall only be in your cell during clean up times.  You may not keep leftovers from meals, sugar, salt, etc. for later consumption.  You may not keep the spoon, tray, cup, etc. from the meal for later use.



PROPERTY RELEASE NOTIFICATION:  If you are sentenced to Lorain Correctional Institution, it is your responsibility to designate a friend or family member to pick up your property before you leave this facility.  Property release forms can be obtained from your housing deputy.  We cannot release property without a Property Release.  It must be properly filled out, and then forwarded to the Property Room.  A picture ID is necessary in order to pick up property.  If your property is still here when you ride out, it is effectively considered abandoned.  Abandoned clothing will be disposed of immediately.  We cannot release property until after you are sentenced.


Upon your release from the Justice Center, it is your responsibility to make sure that all your property is returned.  If property is missing, you should bring it to the Deputy’s attention prior to you signing the receipt and leaving the facility.  If the complaint against property cannot be resolved at the time of release, a complaint form shall be filled out and an investigation will be conducted.


If you leave property behind after you are released, you have thirty (30) days to claim your property.  If you do not return within the prescribed time, the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Department will dispose of the property.


4.0          Prisoner Rule Violations, Sanctions and Disciplinary Hearing Procedures:


When a staff member discovers, observes or has sufficient reason to believe that a prisoner has committed an offense or a violation of the rules and regulations of the facility, you will be issued a rule violation.  The following is a list of the prisoner violations and the severity of the offense.  The punishment for the rule violation depends on the severity of the offense.  If you do not know if something that you are about to do is a violation, you should first ask a staff member.  Attempting to commit, making plans to commit, or aiding another to commit any of the following violations will be considered the same as committing any of the following violations.  The Jail Administrator or designee shall approve any penalty exceeding suspension of rights or disciplinary action for more than one hundred and twenty (120) hours. The maximum sanction for rule violations shall be no more than sixty (60) days for violations arising out of one incident.  Continuous confinement for more than thirty (30) days requires the review and approval of the jail administrator or designee.  Jail disciplinary measures shall NOT include corporal punishment, discipline administered by other prisoners and the withholding of food.  The Jail administrator or designee shall select a staff member to assist a prisoner when the prisoner is unable to effectively communicate, i.e., language barrier or a physical or mental disability.  The prisoner receives a minimum period of twenty-four (24) hours after being issued a rule violation in order to prepare a defense, but may waive this time period if the prisoner so chooses.  The prisoner will be given a hearing within forty-eight (48) hours excluding holidays, weekends and emergencies after receiving written notification if being placed in isolation or within three (3) business days if the prisoner is not placed in isolation.  An impartial hearing Deputy will appointed by the Jail Administrator or designee to conduct the disciplinary hearing.  The prisoner will be able to be heard, present evidence and question witnesses, subject to the limitations of the hearing Deputy.  Prisoners shall be afforded the opportunity to appeal disciplinary actions to the Jail Administrator or designee


PROHIBITED ACTS (Minor Violations):


4.1           Feigning an illness


4.2           Not doing work as instructed by supervising Deputy


4.3           Failure to follow safety or sanitation regulations


4.4           Using any supplies, equipment, or machinery without permission or contrary to instructions or posted safety standards


4.5           Using abusive language or gestures


4.6           Gambling, preparing or conducting a gambling pool, possession of gambling paraphernalia


4.7           Unauthorized use of mail or telephone


4.8           Unauthorized contacts with the public


4.9           Tattooing or self-mutilation


4.10         Being unsanitary or untidy; failing to keep one's person and one's quarters in accordance with posted standards


4.11         Making loud unnecessary noise, including whistling, arguing, shouting, rattling or pounding of windows or doors


4.12         Using bedding, clothing or other Justice Center property improperly (e.g. mattresses on the floor, making hammocks, and sitting on washer/dryers, etc.)


4.13         Horse playing


4.14         Correspondence or conduct with a visitor in violation of posted regulations


4.15         Wearing Dew Rags or any homemade head wraps


4.16 Having excessive mail or papers, except legal papers


4.17         Any food or condiments from food trays including, food wrappers, white cups, soup containers or                                  plastic bags


4.18         Having non commissary type pens


4.19         More than 3 books, (not including the Bible)


4.20         Wearing headphones out-side of room


4.21         Having papers or pictures on the walls or ceiling


4.22         Not making beds before leaving room


4.23         Must be fully clothed when out of room


4.24         Moving chairs from day room area


4.25         Placing feet on chairs


4.26         Covering vents in room


5.0 PROHIBITED ACTS (Major Violations):


5.1          Refusing to work (housing area)


5.2           Unexcused absence from work, or any assignment


5.3           Misuse of medication, abusing of medical services in any manner


5.4           Possession of money or currency in any form


5.5           Possession of property belonging to another without their permission


5.6           Giving, lending, trading, or selling any property, items of value, commissary, etc. for favors, profit, gain, or increased return


5.7           Possession of any item not authorized for retention or receipt by a prisoner and any item not issued through regular facility channels


5.8           Possession of a deputy's or other staff's clothing


5.9           Failing to be properly dressed


5.10         Minor damage to county owned items (less than $50.00)


5.11         Encouraging others to refuse to work or participation in a work stoppage


5.12         Lying or making a false statement to a staff member




5.13         Conduct which disrupts or interferes with the security or orderly running of the institution; Disruption of any programs or services including food service


5.14         Making intoxicants, being intoxicated, or being under the influence of drugs


5.15         Smoking or using tobacco products; possession of tobacco products, matches, or lighters


5.16         Failure to stand count or interfering with the taking of count


5.17         Being in an unauthorized area


5.18         Failure to report to housing cell during a range disturbance or emergency


5.19         Running, sitting, or loitering on balcony or stairway


5.20         Using an intercom button for reasons other than an emergency or at times when immediate staff assistance is not needed


5.21         Tampering with property, supplies, or equipment (e.g. logs, podiums, prisoner ID bands, furniture)


5.22         Abuse of telephone privileges (including telephone harassment)


5.23         Abusing privileges in cells (e.g. commissary, mail, razors, newspapers, visitations, etc.)


5.24         Repeated minor violations


5.25         Indecent exposure


5.26         Crossing or standing on red tiles in the pod


5.27         Touching T.V.


5.28         Refusing to obey an order of any staff member


5.29         Blatant disrespect, discourtesy, or rudeness towards a staff member


6.0 PROHIBITED ACTS (Serious Violations):


6.1           Destroying, altering or damaging County property or the property of another


6.2           Stealing (theft)


6.3           Counterfeiting, forging or unauthorized reproduction of any document, article, or identification, money, security, or official paper


6.4           Assaulting any person


6.5           Fighting with another person


6.6           Threatening another with bodily harm, or any offense against his person or his property




6.7           Extortion, blackmail protection, demanding or receiving money or anything of value in return for protection against others to avoid bodily  harm or under threat of informing


6.8           Attempting to control another prisoner by use of threats or intimidation


6.9           Engaging in sexual acts with others


6.10         Making sexual proposals or threats to another


6.11         Escape


6.12         Attempting or planning escape, helping another to escape or failing to report knowledge of an escape attempt


6.13         Setting a fire for any reason


6.14         Tampering with or blocking any locking device, alarm, or safety and security device


6.15         Wearing a disguise or mask, or unauthorized clothing


6.16         Contaminating or adulteration of any food or drink


6.17         Making intoxicants


6.18         Possession or introduction of an explosive or ammunition


6.19         Possession or making a gun, firearm, weapons of any type including a sharpened object, utensil, chemical agents, or tool which has been modified to make a weapon


6.20         Rioting


6.21         Encouraging others to riot


6.22         Trading ID bracelets with another or modifying or counterfeiting any document, money security, or official paper


6.23         Giving or offering any official or staff member a bribe, or anything of value


6.24         With or without their permission, being in another prisoner's housing cell


6.25         Tampering with appliances or furnishings, televisions, phones, lights, electrical equipment, etc.


6.26         Damage of over $50.00 to county owned property


6.27         Spitting or throwing any object or substance on any person (staff or prisoners)


6.28         Interfering with the security operations of the Justice Center


6.29         Repeated or persistent major offenses


6.30         Purposely clogging toilets, sinks, or showers



7.0 SANCTIONS (For Minor Violations):


7.1           Entertainment restrictions (e.g. radio, TV, movies, games, etc.)


7.2           Commissary restrictions except for personal hygiene items


7.3           Visits by friends


7.4           Phone calls to friends and family restricted


7.5           Loss of desserts, snacks


7.6           Loss of in-facility work privileges (CSP at MSJ)


7.7           Loss of Exercise time


8.0 SANCTIONS (For Major Violations):


8.1           All privileges listed in section 7.0 of this handbook


8.2           Visits by family


8.3           Loss of all Exercise privileges


8.4           Clothing, bed, bedding, unlimited access to toilet, lavatory, and shower


9.0 SANCTIONS (For Serious Violations):


9.1           All privileges listed in Section 7.0 of this handbook


9.2           All privileges listed in Section 8.0 of this handbook


9.3           Maybe placed in disciplinary isolation


9.4           Possible criminal charges were applicable


10.0        Fundamental rights that cannot be suspended except in an emergency or other condition beyond the control of the jail administrator are as follows:


10.1                        Visits by attorneys


10.2                        Visits by clergy


10.3                        Phone calls to attorneys or clergy


10.4                        Adequate food (nutritional diet)


10.5                        Adequate light, ventilation, temperature control and sanitation


10.6                        Medical care




11.0        Telephones:


After Booking, you will be afforded reasonable opportunity to complete at least two local telephone calls to:


11.1          Retain an attorney


11.2         Secure release


11. 3        Contact the person of their choice


11.4         All Inmate Phone Calls are recorded.


If you need to make long distance phone calls you must use the pay phone in the prisoner waiting area and call your party collect.  Telephone calls during Booking will be no longer than five minutes each.



Once in the housing unit, you may use the pay phones in the housing unit to keep in contact with your family and friends.  The phones will be turned on from 0900-2130 hours daily.  You may use the phone except during  lock down, mealtime, and prisoner counts.  An announcement will be made to the prisoners five-to-ten minutes before the time that telephones may not be used or are turned off for the day via use of the public address system.


You will be allowed reasonable privacy unless there is reasonable cause to believe that the telephone privilege is being used in a manner that is in violation of law or detrimental to the safety of the facility, staff, other prisoners, or the public.  Abuses, such as profanity, threatening and obscene phone calls, and misuse of equipment may result in the loss of telephone privileges and other possible disciplinary actions.


You will not be permitted to receive incoming phone calls or receive messages.


12.0        Emergencies:


In case of a fire, you must follow the instructions of the Deputy and/or Fire personnel, to safely evacuate you from the area or building.


In case of heavy smoke, wet a towel or T-shirt and hold it over your mouth and nose.  Get as close to the ground as you can and crawl.  Do not panic and run.  The best bet to survive a fire emergency is to remain calm and follow the instructions of staff.  If evacuation is necessary, the staff will direct you to a safe location.


Should a total evacuation of the building be necessary, you will be instructed to follow a route to a secure area for temporary housing.  All prisoners will obey the directives of jail staff to ensure the prompt and safe evacuation of the building.


Should you experience any medical emergency, you will be able to notify the staff using several means.  While in your housing cell, the silver button on the wall may be used to speak to a deputy in an emergency situation.  If you misuse or abuse the intercom, you may face disciplinary sanctions.  To use the intercom you will:


12.1         Push the silver intercom button


12.2         Wait for the Deputy’s response


12.3         State clearly what your emergency is


You will not need to keep pushing the button to respond.  Just talk normally into the speaker.  Do not shout, as this will distort your voice and make it difficult to understand.



Intercoms are located in various multi-access areas throughout the facility.  You will be connected to a Deputy.  Do not shout into the intercom.  Speak in a normal tone.


Should a fight break out in the housing unit or there is a disturbance that does not require evacuation, all prisoners that are unaffected by the emergency must return to their assigned cell.  Failure to return to your cell will result in disciplinary sanctions.


Each cell is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system for your safety.  It is important that you do not tamper with the sprinkler.


In the event of a tornado or other natural disaster, you should wrap yourself in your blanket and lay under your bunk until the event is over.


13.0        Medical and Dental Services:


When you first arrive at the Justice Center, you will be given a medical assessment by staff.  You should answer all questions thoroughly and truthfully.  This assessment will be kept confidential and will help the medical staff meet any special conditions or treatment that you may need while you are housed in the Justice Center.


Sick call will be conducted by the medical staff on a daily basis.  When the medical staff arrives to your housing unit, you should describe exactly what your medical problem is.


If a medical condition arises at times when sick call is not be conducted, you may fill out a request form directing it to the medical staff.  It will be answered at their earliest convenience.


Dental requests should be made at sick call or written out on a request form so that an appointment can be    scheduled.


If a medical emergency occurs, you should notify the nearest staff member, who will contact the medical staff.


Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 2929.38, inmates who have plead guilty to or have been convicted of the offense they are incarcerated on, may be charged three (3) dollars for nurse visits and five (5) dollars for dental and doctor visits.  However, no prisoner confined shall be denied any necessary medical care because of the inability to pay fees.


14.0        Prisoner Request and Complaint Forms:


If you have a request that the housing unit deputy cannot immediately respond to or does not have jurisdiction over, the prisoner will fill out a request form addressed to the person who can address the request or complaint.  Prisoner Request Forms will be available at the Deputy’s podium.  Fill out the complaint form completely, and give it to the housing unit deputy.  The deputy will sign the form and return the pink copy to you as your receipt.  If the pod Deputy cannot answer your request or complaint, it will be forwarded to a supervisor or the person who can address the request or complaint.


You must be patient when waiting for a response.  Some requests/complaints are more complex than others and may require additional staff members to approve, deny, or correct the situation.  Your request or complaint will be answered as soon as possible.


If you would like to speak to a Supervisor or other personnel, you must state the reason why in the comment’s section.  If a matter is too personal or you feel that you cannot tell your housing unit deputy, you may ask for an envelope to put your request form in.


Your request form must be signed prior to you turning it in.  Any requests that are frivolous or that do not have your name or signature will be discarded.


15.0        Prisoner Visiting:


You will be permitted to visit family and friends while being housed in the Justice Center.  Visiting will consist of a one (1) half hour visit per week.  Visiting times must be scheduled at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the visit with the housing unit Deputy.  All juveniles must be accompanied by a adult. Visitation privileges may be restricted for security or disciplinary reasons.


All visitors must be registered with the Justice Center.  You may only have two visitors on your list at one time. Those are the only people that may visit you.


Visitors must be dressed properly.  No halter-tops, shorts, miniskirt, or other revealing clothes will be worn by visitors while in the Justice Center.



All visitors arriving at the Justice Center will be required to show a photo I.D., and will be required to submit to a metal detector search.  No bags, purses, hats, or coats will be permitted to enter the visiting area.  Lockers are available in the lobby.


Visitors may be denied access to the Justice Center for the following reasons:


15.1         The visitor represents a clear and present danger to the security of the facility.


15.2         The visitor has a past history of disruptive conduct at the jail.


15.3         The visitor is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


15.4         The visitor is improperly dressed.


15.5         The visitor refuses to submit to a search or doesn’t show proper identification.


15.6         The prisoner refuses the visit.


15.7         Visiting restrictions have been placed on the prisoner for reasons involving discipline or security.


15.8         The Warden or his designate determines that there are other substantial reasons to justify such limitations in order to promote the safe and secure operation of the facility. Such reasons will be documented in writing.


Once your visit has been approved, you must advise your visitor the time and day of the scheduled visit and the conditions to which your visitor must comply.  Jail staff will not monitor your conversation with your visitor, however, there are cameras in the visitor area that will be monitored.  Any violations of conduct such as indecent exposure, fighting, vandalizing the facility may result in loss of access to the Justice Center  and/or criminal prosecutions.


Times when visits may be scheduled are:


15.9        Monday through Friday:     Check with housing unit Deputy


15.10       Saturday:                               Check with housing unit Deputy


15.11       Sunday:                                 Check with housing unit Deputy


16.0        Food Service:


You will be provided three substantial, balanced, wholesome and nutritious meals daily:


16.1                                         Breakfast:              0530


16.2                                         Lunch:                    1030


16.3                                         Dinner:                   1630


If you will not be in your assigned housing unit during scheduled meal times (due to court, work assignment, etc.), a packed lunch shall be provided for you.



All prisoners except for those on special medical or religious diets, shall eat the same meals.  Inmate trustees will receive trustee trays.


Trays will be delivered to your housing unit and the housing unit deputy will give you your tray.  Check your tray before you sit down at the table to verify that you have received everything on the menu and all utensils.  If there is something missing, tell the housing unit deputy immediately, for once you accept the tray, the deputy cannot be responsible to provide you with anything you claim is missing.


Prisoners may not receive trays for another prisoner.  All prisoners must get their own tray.


Trays must be eaten at the table in the day room area.  You may not take items to your cell to eat unless you are confined there for disciplinary or safety reasons.  You may not keep leftovers, condiments, salt and pepper, sugar, utensils, cups, bowls, trays, or any other food service item in your cell after the meal period.  All items must be returned to the kitchen or disposed of in the trash.


.               Complaints regarding the food service or meal will be addressed first to the housing unit deputy, who will try to rectify the problem.  If you feel that the correction is not satisfactory, you must write a complaint using the prisoner complaint sheet and address it to Food Service.


At the conclusion of the meal, all Food Service items will be returned to the kitchen, and trash will be collected.


If you require a change in a menu due to medical or religious reasons, the housing unit deputy should be notified and a Prisoner Request Form should be written and directed to Food Service.  Medical changes will have to be verified by the medical staff before the menu change is approved.


17.0        Commissary:


The Justice Center offers a commissary from which you may purchase items such as candy, health and hygiene items, writing materials, etc.   Commissary privileges are available twice per week on designated days.  Your housing unit deputy will issue commissary sheets upon request.  It is your responsibility to fill the sheet out in its entirety and return it to the housing unit deputy the day before delivery by 0800 in order to receive your order.


The commissary Deputy will place your order and deduct the total bill from your account and will write your balance on the commissary sheet.


When you receive your order, you must check it thoroughly to ensure that you have received all of the items you ordered.  Any discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the housing unit deputy at once.  A notation will be made on your receipt and will be taken care of by the Commissary Deputy on the next commissary day.


Prisoners who are indigent, persons who have no commissary monies or means of getting monies, must also complete the commissary sheet in order to receive items they are entitled to.  Each indigent prisoner will receive the following items each week:


17.1         Toothpaste, toothbrush, and deodorant


17.2         Two (2) envelopes and stamps


17.3 Writing paper


17.4         Indigent underwear upon request



Indigent prisoners will not be charged for above items unless prisoners receive monies at a later time.  Your account will then be deducted for the amount of items that you have received.


18.0        Mail:


Mail will be distributed and collected daily by the housing unit deputy.  Outgoing mail should be sealed, properly addressed, with a return address, and the correct amount of postage.  Mail will be collected only once per shift and will not be censored by the deputy handling the outgoing mail.  The address for family and friends to send mail to you is:


Your Name/Jail Identification Number

110 Fifth Avenue

Youngstown, OH 44503


Mail incoming to prisoners will have a return address and will be inspected prior to being delivered to the housing unit.  You should notify people writing to you that certain types of mail will be censored and will not be allowed to enter the housing unit.  Pornographic materials or materials which may be a risk to the security or safety of the Jail, its staff and/or prisoners will be censored.


Packages of any type will not be accepted.  Friends and family may not send in items from home such as clothes, shoes, books, etc.  Packages will be returned to sender.


Authorized magazines sent by the publisher will be accepted.  You will be responsible for the payment of the subscription.


If you receive money in the mail, it will be deposited in your account and a receipt given.  You may then use the money for commissary purchases.  Cash, money orders, a state check or a check from another institution will only be accepted.


There will be no corresponding between inmates in this facility.  If you are found to be corresponding with other                inmates in this facility it will result in disciplinary action.


19.0        Prisoner Programs and Recreation:


A variety of programs and services are offered at the Justice Center and the Minimum Security Jail.  You will also be provided an opportunity to participate in recreational and leisure activities outside of your cell.


A list of available programs, such as drug and alcohol counseling, religion, etc. will be posted in each housing unit as programs become available.  If a program interests you, fill out a Prisoner Request Sheet addressed to the Warden’s Office.  Some programs will require that certain requirements are met prior to attending these programs.


Leisure time activities include chess, checkers, cards, and recreation, as well as television viewing area.  It is important that you treat all county owned items with care and respect.  Failure to care for these items will result in the loss of equipment due to abuse, loss of the privilege due to disciplinary sanctions, or criminal charges being filed.  Leisure time equipment is for your benefit and enjoyment, so it is important that you properly use and care for such equipment.


Recreation will be done at scheduled times.  Check with the housing unit deputy for times.


20.0 Work Assignments:


You may be selected to perform cleaning details in your own housing unit as a pod orderly. Those inmates who classify to inmate work, will be assigned to food service, landscaping, snow removal, house keeping, laundry, etc.


21.0        Library Services:


Library books are available from the Youngstown Public Library.  You may have up to three (3) soft back books at any time.  Exchanges will be done on a scheduled basis.  You can exchange one book for another.  Any abuse of library books may result in disciplinary actions.


22.0        Television:


You will be able to watch television in your dayroom area.  The local stations are offered as well as videos that are shown throughout the entire facility on a scheduled basis.  The television will be kept under the control of the housing unit deputy.


Televisions may then be turned on after the housing unit deputy performs the morning inspection.  Televisions will stay on throughout the day unless it is turned off for disciplinary reasons.  The television will be turned off at 2130 each night.


23.0 Sleeping Hours:


Main Jail : 21:30 hours to 05:30 hours

MSJ         : 23:30 hours to 05:30 hours


24.0 Hygiene Care:


Showers will be made available for the inmate population during all day room hours.  Razors, hair clippers and nail clippers will made available on a check out basis from the housing unit Deputy.  Hygienic items will be made available through the inmate commissary and indigent prisoners will receive personal hygiene items every seven days.  Toilet paper will be issued twice a week and feminine hygiene items will given upon request.


25.0 Laundry Services:


Jail issued uniforms will be exchanged twice a week, jail issued liens will be exchange once a week and blankets will be exchanged once a month.  Washers and dryers are made available in the general population housing units for your undergarments only.


26.0        Religious Services:


The Mahoning County Jail Ministries on a regularly scheduled basis will offer religious services to you.  Your minister may come to visit you at reasonable hours as long as they provide a photo ID and state issued clergy card.


A special diet may be offered for religious reasons.  You must fill out a request form addressed to Food Service.


27.0        Education, Legal, and Counseling Services:


Inmate programs are available to the inmate population..  To participate in these programs fill out a request form to Jail Administration.


You will have access to your legal counsel of record including telephone contact, written communication and confidential visits.


Law books are available on request to the housing unit deputy.  You may not keep the law book in your cell and must be returned when you are finished with it.


Legal counseling is done by Akron University Law Students who come to the facility to answer any legal questions you may have.  Akron University comes to the facility on a regularly scheduled basis.  You will have an opportunity to speak with them when they are here.


Mental Health Counseling Services are provided.  To participate in programs, you must fill out a request form describing the type of program you want to be in.  The request form should be addressed to the Medical Department or to Jail Administration.